5 Instant Ways To Boost Website Conversions

5 Instant Ways To Boost Website Conversions

After getting traffic to your website, you’ll need to convert the traffic in order to make money in otherwise it’s called monetizing your website. Some have trouble even finding traffic to their website yet when that is achieved, none of the traffic coverts into profits.

There is no definite correct method to boost website conversions as each website differs in terms of design and the niche it caters to thus a lot of testing is required and as long as you keep doing it consistently and monitor the results, you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

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Here are 5 instant ways to increase conversions for your website.

  1. Tidy up your website

Have you noticed that many websites tend to squeeze all their information in a single page? There are banners, unnecessary images, tables or even words that are not supposed to be on it. Remove them and only provide the information that readers want to know when they reach your website. This actually reduces any distractions for the reader and then you can focus on them to do what you want them to do.

  1. Don’t litter your website with advertising

If the purpose of your website is to make readers purchase a service or product, do not run any other forms of advertising on it. Many people make the mistake of slapping an Adsense ad or other affiliate products which actually may take any potential customers away from your website. If you are only trying to make money from the Adsense for example, you need people to click on the ads and running other forms of ads like text-links only serve to dilute your Adsense income as readers get distracted.

  1. Vary forms of payments

If you are running an ecommerce website, not only should you offer payment via credit cards. Also allow other types of payment options such as Paypal and Moneybookers. There are those who have accounts with these payment providers with available credit and when no such payment options are given, they tend to shy away from buying from the website. That’s another lost customer.

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  1. Don’t hide any charges

If the product needs to be shipped and have costs to be borne by the customer, ensure that the amount is mentioned upfront before the customer hits the “buy” button. This enables the customer to calculate his or her total payment and never hides any data from them. An informed buying decision usually converts well but if they say extra charges are applied upon checkout, they may decide to think over the order.

  1. Buyers love sales

Dedicate a section of your website where potential buyers can enjoy some items at discounted prices. This makes them feel that they are getting a good deal out of it and everyone loves good deals and sales. Setup occasional promotions on your website to attract potential customers to buy the item within a certain time frame. This ensures instant conversions.

Starting a home business is as easy as starting a website and slapping some products on it but you’ll need to drive traffic and then convert that traffic as well.

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