Blogger vs WordPress – Which is better?

Are you looking to begin your journey as a blogger? However, you’re unsure which platform is the most compatible with your needs. If you’re confused between Blogger and WordPress, we are here to shed some light on which one is better. We have compiled a list of the 3 top elements that you need to consider while choosing your blogging platform.

It is a comprehensive guide that highlights the attributes that set WordPress and Blogger apart, including their easy usability, their rules on ownership, and their customization options along with functionality. Take a look and pick one that aligns with your needs.

Ease of use

While starting your own blog, it is understandable to be worried about your limited or lack of coding knowledge. You don’t have to worry though. You aren’t the only one dealing with this conundrum. You can quickly start and run your own blogs with Blogger and WordPress, which makes it an easy thing to do. Let’s explore which one is easier to operate though.

  • WordPress

WordPress makes it extremely easy and quick to start your blog. You just need to know how to operate a computer to download and install your website and get your blog going. When the configuration is done, you then get to select the theme you want for your blog from the thousands of readymade themes available to you. You get to pick one that reflects the kind of blog you want. It dictates the aesthetic of your blog and the feel you want to communicate to your visitors. You can also add features by enabling plugins to your WordPress blog. It makes it extremely easy to use it. You can handle all aspects of it easily and quickly.

  • Blogger

Since Google hosts Blogger it makes it easy to start your blog without needing to purchase web hosting or a domain. As long as you have a Google account, you can get going. You just have to pick a display name, choose the name of your blog, a theme, select the settings of your blog, and then you can introduce your content. The entire process of setup is incredibly straightforward. However, you are required to have HTML skills for theme customization and a few other elements. So that might now be everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Verdict- Both are great, to begin with.



One of the main factors you need to focus on is whether you own your blog with the blogging platform you choose. You can make decisions regarding all aspects of your blog when you have complete ownership of it. This includes the customizations you want, the way you intend to make money off of it, and when you want to put an end to it.

  • WordPress

Your WordPress website is hosted by your WordPress hosting provider. You get to choose the duration for which you want your blog to be active. You won’t be caught off guard by it shutting down without your knowledge. Plus you are not stuck with a web hosting service. You can migrate to a new web host whenever you want. You have ownership of your entire database with WordPress, along with control of what is being shared with a third party.

  • Blogger

Blogger, built by Google, is completely free of cost, has a wide variety of features, and is extremely reliable to run your website on. Unfortunately, you do not own it. Since the platform is owned by Google, they own your website as well and can shut it down whenever they want or just cut off your access to it. Similar to other social media websites, they can ban your accounts without prior notice. At some point in the future, if Google chooses to discontinue Blogger, your blog will be gone even if you did everything right. Google is known to discontinue its projects in the past as well.

  • Verdict- WordPress is decidedly better.


Functionality and customization

WordPress is a blogging platform that offers the best functionality and customization in the market. You will be hard pressed to find any that comes close. While Blogger also tries to hold its own in the customization domain, it is still rather limited.

  • WordPress

You get to control your blog entirely with WordPress. Compared to Blogger, it offers a lot more functionality, even with the use of Being an open-source platform, it offers customization of codes and the application of various shortcuts. You can alter your blog in any way you wish while adding and removing anything you want. There are more than 50,000 plugins for you to choose from to make its functionality better. They also help the performance of your blog, while employing minimum or in most instances no code at all.

  • Blogger

Blogger allows some basic customization. The platform offers ways to alter the aesthetics of your page, along with its layout, colors, and a few other elements. While it offers drag and drop options that make its function easy, it still cannot come close to the customization, functionality, and flexibility that WordPress offers.

  • Verdict- WordPress is clearly the superior platform in this aspect.



Once we take a look at both blogging platforms, Blogger and WordPress, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages that they both embody. Plus, WordPress charges you a nominal fee, while you can use Blogger free of cost.

The final verdict is that WordPress is clearly the superior choice if you want to build a blog and earn an income from it. WordPress helps you start an ecommerce store or easily earn from your content. They also offer a wide range of readymade themes for you to choose from to better your aesthetics.

On the other hand, Blogger offers a limited number of themes, which will not help you stand out from your competitors. WordPress can help you in this by offering amazing functionality and customization that can help you personalize your blog to match your vision of it.

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