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New year, new resolutions! A blank sheet of paper and the thought of having to fill the next few weeks, months or even the entire year with content at once may sound like a mammoth task at first glance.

However, with a structured approach and our tips, you will be able to create an editorial plan for social media or for the blog .

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An editorial plan helps to create a certain structure and serves as a roadmap for the publication of regular contributions, according to businesspally.

Anyone who has left the first high phase behind will find that creativity does not work at the push of a button.

In order not to lose performance in these times, an editorial plan is essential.

It forms the basis of a successful content marketing strategy if more than one person is working on a project.

The editing and the SEO team want to check the text, an editorial plan is the be-all and end-all to enable smooth processes.

In addition, an editorial plan also helps to measure the success of articles.

All data relevant to you can be recorded in the table and thus enable the identification of strengths and weaknesses.

One last but no less important point: a plan helps to meet deadlines.

Only those who set deadlines will also publish regularly.

Deadlines help us to bring structure to our everyday life and provide the necessary boost of extra motivation, especially shortly before they expire, chaktty affirmed.



It is therefore clear that the new year will start with an editorial plan.

But how do you start? Brainstorming for new ideas or handing out the tasks right away?

First you should make sure that the blog or social media channel is based on a clear strategy, Techpally boss advised.

What do you want to achieve with these channels and, above all, who? It is important to know your own target group and their interests.

Is it a B2B blog or are the end customers addressed directly? Depending on the target group, different topics should be dealt with.

The chosen form of address and the linguistic style should also be adapted to the target group.



High elements belong in an editorial plan?

First of all: THE editorial schedule for everyone does not exist.

What works well for an agency blog can have many flaws for a company’s social media channel.

Last but not least, the number of people responsible for this project plays a role.

According to businesspally, the more people work on a text, the more important it is to have reliable agreements and smooth communication.

The template created at the beginning should be checked after a defined test period and adapted to your own needs.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, there are a few points that should be on every editorial plan, whether it’s for social media or blogging.

With this checklist you can check whether you have integrated the most important questions:


Which topic do I want to cover?

To avoid duplication, the topics should be coordinated in an editorial meeting.

Who is responsible?

If several people are working on an article, the respective areas of responsibility should be clearly defined.

In the event of problems or questions, it is immediately clear who the contact person is.


When is the deadline, when do I want to publish?

If an article or a post about a specific event is to be published online, timely publication is essential.

In the best case scenario, you should set the deadline a few days before the publication date in order to have enough time for any failures.


Channel – For which platform am I writing the post?

Should the article be published on your own blog or is it a post on Facebook?

The primary channel should always be communicated, for example to adjust image formats etc.


Seeding – How do I achieve a large reach?

The so-called seeding, i.e. the distribution of content, ensures a higher reach of the content.

If a blog article is published, it should also be teased on the usual social media channels and in the newsletter.

Seeding also includes contacting opinion leaders and bloggers who can share the post on their own platforms.

Status – in progress, waiting for feedback, done!

Although this point may seem redundant, everyone on the team can see the current status at a glance.

As an overview for yourself or for smaller teams that do not have extensive tools, an Excel spreadsheet is a good start.

Google Spreadsheet in particular is ideal for creating an editorial plan template because several people can work on a document at the same time and the current version is accessible to everyone at all times.



Various aspects must be taken into account when choosing the topics.

On the one hand, it is possible to look back at which topics had particularly good click numbers or high interaction rates.

In addition to being based on current trends or purely informative articles on innovations, seasonal topics are particularly relevant for the readers.

With all the creative ideas, however, the search volume must always be considered.

If there are no relevant keywords on a topic, it will not generate a high reach.



And finally, the task is not completed with a click on “Publish”, because publishing contributions always includes measuring success.

In the social media area, the first few hours after publication are particularly important.

In the case of a blog post, it can also take a few days or weeks before the post appears in the Google ranking, according to Techpally.

Depending on which content marketing strategy is being pursued, different KPIs are used.

If the aim is to increase blog traffic, aspects such as visitor numbers and length of stay are important.

If the blog is operated for lead generation, the conversion rate should be considered.

All KPIs relevant to the company can be entered in the editorial plan to simplify success control.

In this way, topics that appeal to readers can be identified and the editorial plan can be used as a source of inspiration for new articles.

Editorial plan for a good start into the new year

Start the new year with structure: our tips should help to publish your content on time and regularly.

With a little preparation, an editorial plan can help drive traffic to your blog and social media.

If you need help creating an editorial plan or managing your social media channel, feel free to contact us.

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