Creation of an e-commerce site Switzerland web agency

Creation of an e-commerce site and an online store

Building an e-commerce site, or an online store, can be a way to open up to a much larger market by reaching even geographically distant customers. It is one of the most challenging and challenging web development activities. Designing such a website and putting it into full production can take several months. A complete e-commerce site reduces the distance between you and your customers and opens up the sale of your products to the whole world.

Creation of an e-commerce site Switzerland web agency

Let’s take a look together at what a concrete e-commerce site is.

An e-commerce website is nothing but a more advanced website through which we can showcase the products and services we offer to the public. It is advisable to be as specific as possible, trying to go into detail about the products and their characteristics. This is why it is often useful to rely on a team of writers who write product descriptions.

An e-commerce site incorporates a well-illustrated product catalog, a shopping cart system, and an online payment system. To build an e-commerce, it is therefore not enough to have a website but you need marketing and communication skills.

There are specific platforms for building e-commerce sites and each is designed for a particular type of store. From the smallest store containing a small number of products to the largest and most complex, solutions can be customized.

What are the benefits of a well-done e-commerce?

As we have already said, the first advantage of an online store is to present your products to a wider market. To build an e-commerce, it is therefore not enough to have a website but you need marketing and communication skills.

There are specific platforms for building e-commerce sites and each is designed for a particular type of store. From the smallest store containing a small number of products to the largest and most complex, solutions can be customized.

A well-structured web marketing consultancy allows us to develop, on the one hand, the technological infrastructure adapted to our activity, and on the other hand, it allows us to develop a propensity to sell and create innovative products and services that meet the endless needs of our customers.

Create an online store: ask for advice first!

Before embarking on building an e-commerce website, even if you understand what it is and think you are an expert in marketing and communication, the most correct step is to seek advice prerequisite in web development. First, we recommend getting a quote from a web agency that specializes in web design. Apps, Sites, Platforms with a team of several people, who can support you in the endless development activities behind the construction of the website.

A single web designer will hardly be able to offer us the complete realization of an e-commerce, because we know from experience that this field is too complex for a single person to give a good result.

Design and production of e-commerce websites

The second and no less important thing is to prepare a development roadmap, knowing that you will need to add 10 to 15% of the estimated time to perfect the project until the day of the actual launch.

How much does it cost to create an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce website is perhaps one of the web products that can have very different prices. There are cheap e-commerce sites, but also e-commerce sites that are extremely overpriced. The price of an e-commerce site depends on the complexity of the project, the number of products sold and the continuity of sales management. It’s not enough to copy those that are already on the market, you have to design a website from scratch.

See here the cost of a basic e-commerce site built with ready-to-use e-commerce platforms just waiting to be set up.

The cost of an online store “also” depends on marketing advice!

It must be said that we cannot separate the technical development of an e-commerce from the design phases of web marketing. What we sell, to whom we sell our products and how we sell them are questions that companies generally do not know how to answer. The important thing is to check whether the economic investment will be rewarded by the market.

Is building an e-commerce site difficult?

No ! It’s not too difficult, especially if you have the lucidity to take advice from experienced web developers. On the other hand, the entrepreneurial project behind an e-commerce requires considerable experience.

For small businesses and merchants, creating an e-commerce site can be a way to avoid losing market share and customers and to stay competitive, especially when competitors have not yet adapted.

The importance of web and mobile applications in business success

Thanks to the massive and accelerated adoption of the Internet around the world over the past two decades, web and mobile applications have become an essential part of human activity. We buy, sell, make payments, work, move, request services, communicate, express ourselves, entertain, and even find friends and romantic partners through these apps, whether from a computer or from a mobile phone. This of course completely transformed societies around the world and had a profound impact on the way we do business.

How will technology evolve in the near future?

Companies that did not adapt to this new paradigm lost their competitive advantage in their market sector, some of them even disappeared. Clear examples can be seen in applications such as Netflix and Spotify, which have represented innovation in the audiovisual content industry and in the music industry. Dominant companies in these markets like Blockbuster and Universal Music saw their business model become obsolete and eventually had to change or go bankrupt.

But the scope of these applications is not limited to cases where their use is massive, such as social networks, but there are also uses related to the internal functioning of organizations and companies. In this sense, the most essential thing for any organization, regardless of size, is to have a good website. Small and medium business pages will initially be informative and usually built with a CMS (Content Management System) so that anyone can edit their content without the need for a programmer.

Therefore, and depending on the needs of the business, it may be necessary to have web and mobile applications to manage the organization’s own operations such as accounting, financial management, manufacturing, maintenance, management inventory and customer management, among others. Every organization needs to find the best way to optimize its processes and meet the growing demands of its customers, and quite often the best way to do this is with custom-developed software.

Nowadays apps play an important role in digital market trends and business. In addition to being agents of change, they represent a tremendous opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to broaden their spectrum in terms of sales and to be more competitive. is a company specializing in the development of personalized software which has always distinguished itself by developing products with the best technology available on the market. An ideal ally for the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android systems. Although this does not guarantee the success of the brand, what it does allow is to permeate the digital environment and thus achieve greater reach in terms of the number of potential customers.

Applications generate changes in both the lives of people and businesses, which is why it is important to have a useful, functional and efficient platform.

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