Email marketing trends to optimize your strategy in 2022

Email marketing trends to optimize your strategy in 2022

The digital marketing landscape has completely transformed due to the pandemic, specifically email marketing. It got new challenges for consumers and marketers, such as the increasing number of phishing emails and the rising competitiveness amongst digital marketers. Correspondingly, it achieved new prospects for email marketing.


As 2022 joins the stage, hold your eyes on the differences in customer behavior and the different new technologies to assist you in creating the most promising email marketing drives. It can aid you in making better and more compelling approaches to increase customer engagement and push outcomes through email marketing.


With that, below are some of the email marketing trends for 2022.

  • The rise in email users

Due to lockdowns in the preceding months, individuals have become more dependent on emails. They utilize it both for their profession and individual likeness. Consequently, the number of email users will run almost 4.3 billion all across the globe by the end of this year. And this figure will persist in increasing until 2025 regardless of the popularity and growth of different transmission applications like chat apps and mobile messengers.

  • Enlarged Personalization 

Personalization is the legend for enhancing the digital experience of customers and boosting conversion rates. Several studies reveal that personalization delivers 20% more elevated customer satisfaction accelerations. It also increases the rate of sales conversion by 10% to 15% and employee concentration by 20% to 30%.

With such favorable outcomes, more marketers will be concentrating on boosting personalization in their trade campaigns, particularly with email marketing.

  • Impacts of security and data privacy

The COVID-19 pandemic increased digital transformation in all facets of people’s lives. Presently, anyone can perform remotely, do shopping online, and even attend classes online. Though this carries a lot of bonuses and comfort, it also gets its dangers particularly when it comes to their data protection.

Take an aggressive approach and enlighten your clients on the current risks online. Instruct them what true spam glimpses are like and exhibit how they can confirm that an email legitimately arrived from you. Most significantly, make certain to hold the data of your customers safely particularly their email addresses. That implies pulling your cybersecurity infrastructure, funding in trustworthy software, and encrypting email content and additional data.

  • Requests for interactivity

Along with email personalization tendencies, there will be better directives for interactive emails. These are emails that entitle the readers to accomplish better with your email marketing range other than simply reading. For instance, an interactive email may demand the user to drag the cursor over a picture to witness its movement or transformation. Others may deliver a link that will authorize them to finalize the investment within the email.

Some would implant brief videos in their emails. Recent research exhibits that interactive videos can expand your lead generation by 15%. Others too may count visual elements or infographics in their email marketing content to drive it more passionate.

  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is more unrestricted nowadays than ever. Numerous marketing software presents AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning as one of their components. Consequently, it is evolving as a famous and essential tool for marketers. The statistical data lists this as the 4th most convincing digital marketing tool all across the globe. Most marketers usually employ AI and machine learning for dealing with data investigation to enhance the personalization. Others utilize it for automation and the creation of content.

  • Significance of mobile optimization

The statistical data reveals that 55% of international website traffic arrives from mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. The identical statement also proclaims that the utilization of email is one of the most transportable internet activities worldwide. Hence, you must optimize your email marketing drives for shorter screens.

  • Adoption of dark mode

More individuals now choose the dark mode to light mode in their gadgets such as their laptops and smartphones. Therefore, it is a tendency for multiple apps to present a dark mode choice for their interfaces. This is especially right for web applications such as social media applications, web browsers, and email applications.

The last line

Email marketing is evolving as one of the most prevalent tools amongst marketers. It entitles them to come out and unite with customers. However, as much as this can convey new prospects for you, the contest for the attention of customers evolves more closed as more marketers enter the wagon.

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