Tips for Using Images More Effectively in Website Design

Tips for Using Images More Effectively in Website Design

Pro Tips For Using Images In Web Design

Images are vital to a great web design; images not only show your clarity of work but also reflects on the core ethos of the company. And speaking of images we are also considering the overall theme and the temperament of the company. A lot about this is embedded in deep psychology. Speaking of choosing appropriate images, we according to our research have found a few key factors that we would love to share with you. A proper website designer should employ this ethos whenever they design and build websites. A lot is going under the hood. Let’s look into the inner workings and understand what makes the use of images so important.

  • Use of appropriate images 

    Image selection is the key here. All images you select should go well with the rest of the design. Let’s say your website deals with online shopping and specializes in handmade fabrics. The images you select therefore should embody for instance why you believe handmade fabrics are the best, your images should also have a rustic and raw appeal, and speak out why rustic handmade fabrics score way over machine-made ones. Let’s take another example, maybe you specialize in making kids school supplies or toys or even drawing supplies, therefore your images should be vibrant and shout out energy and creativity. Look at a few reputed support websites, and you can see the stress and rigorous quality control steps that are maintained to ensure the core theme of the website is always present in their UI designs.

  • Use of authentic images 

    The internet has a great memory, by that I mean your potential clients, your websites visitors have keen memory. They will take seconds to recall something they have seen somewhere else, and that will ultimately harm your authenticity and goodwill. Always, and I would stress this always try to use authentic images, the best way being to create the images yourselves and thereby decreasing the chance of copyright as well. Any proper website designer must create custom images for use and stay in the good looks of their clients and this also helps in building brand reputation immensely.

  • Size adaptation 

    Now that we are in an internet era, any website gets viewed from a multitude of devices, smartphones, computers, tablets, even perhaps on the TVs web browser, your website can get viewed on every internet-connected platform with a display. Therefore, device compatibility is the key here. You must always check that the images you choose are getting displayed properly on all these devices. A serious developer must always check and ensure their support websites are compatible with a huge variety of devices, from iPhone to Androids to Pcs and Macs, TVs you name it. This will ensure consistent results and help secure the brand reputation.

  • Format selection 

    Formats come in a wide range of selections. Simply put choose the PNG format whenever possible. PNG uses lossless compression and supports a wider color palette and even supports transparency and what’s more, it’s widely supported and recognized as an industry standard. However, food for thought, JPEG 2000 and WebP are slowly catching up in popularity especially because they have a better web compression than JPEG and PNG and can save a ton of server space if your website has a lot of images. Therefore you must always stay updated with the latest tech news, and be among the first to implement these changes when a new format emerges.

  • Web-oriented optimization 

    This may seem the same as size adaptation but it’s different. At the end of the day, your main focus should be for the user to have a comfortable user experience. Simple sites can shine over-complicated cluttered slow loading websites simply because they don’t overburden the user’s visual sphere. Always check to see your website loading time and decrease clutter wherever possible. Keep in mind the user will automatically visit the parts of the website if they are interested. Never force the user into viewing something. And pop-ups are a straight no-no, it’s not the 2010s anymore. Being honest and true to the customer is always a good thing as this gives your client some breathing space, and alleviates their trust in your brand.

  • UI style and elements 

    Your website must be consistent. The icons the elements you use must blend with all the other elements. Let’s say you have a website that is minimal and users two colors throughout and one of your icons is a book, ensure that the book is also following the two-color theme and design style. A good way to get over this is to use elements from the same vector pack or design something similar to that pack. A few key icons are starting to become standardized in the industry like for instance contact us icon sign uses a mail icon and people have gotten accustomed to understanding what that means, search is a magnifying glass, etc. Try viewing popular websites and take notes wherever possible. Learning is never a bad thing and taking inspiration from worthy brands is always a good thing. In the world of designing, the day you stop learning is the day you are out of the game.

  • Choice of media 

    While videos are good, you must try to come up with the perfect balance of images and videos. All videos and the website will look outdated, all videos and the visitor are viewing your competitor’s website because yours took too much time to load. Try striking the perfect balance between the two.

Well, if all these looks too complicated, there are always website design companies kolkata that can help you create a custom website for you and these websites have gone up in quality considerably. Many of them are mass market and many of them are boutique offerings, and while the mass-market ones are cheaper their quality is a bit lower than website boutique designers.

There are a lot more we would love to discuss in our coming blogs, and would love to share our knowledge and interact with you and learn together and explore this tech world of possibilities.

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